Kids On The Grow


G.D. Jones Elementary School Out-of-School Learning Programs

What is Kids On The Grow?

The Out-of-School Learning Program provides opportunities for K-5th grade students to continue to learn new skills and discover new abilities after the school day has ended.  Kids On The Grow is comprised of a variety of enrichment classes for students to choose from.  These classes are a fun way for students to continue exploring and learning after the school day has ended.

Ex:  Knitting, Crafts, Zumba, Running Club, Bodies in Motion, Cooking/Baking, Sewing, Eat with Manners, etc…

Session 1:  Oct. 17,20,24 and 25
Session 2:  Dec. 5,6,8,12,13 and 15
Session 3:  March 13,14,16,20,21 and 23
Session 4:  May 8,9,11,15,16 and 18

  •  Each program day starts at 3:30 and goes until 4:45
  •  Snack is provided from 3:30-3:45 

The first Kids on the Grow session for the 2016-2017 school year begins October 17. Information about the program, course descriptions and permission slip are provided HERE. Please print the document, complete the permission slip and have your son or daughter bring it to school to hand into their teacher.